Die Deportation nach Gurs

Filmaufnahmen aus Bruchsal vom 22. Oktober 1940

The film: Bruchsal under National Socialism

Not only since the first stumbling block was laid in 2015, the film "Bruchsal under National Socialism" has been "stumbled" again and again in Bruchsal, which ends with the 1-minute sequence "Bruchsal free of Jews! Die letzten Juden verlassen Bruchsal". A not known person (from Bruchsal?) shot this film. The motives are not known. This one minute film is the conclusion of over thirty-five minutes of footage dealing with Nazi marches in the Bruchsal castle courtyard, happy people at Nazi events, footage from the 1938 district party conference in Bruchsal or Bruchsal garrison soldiers returning from the battlefield. But he also shows photographs of damage caused by bombs dropped in Bruchsal in 1940. About 30 years ago this documentary film was still under lock and key, it was not allowed to be shown. Only the massive intervention of a local council led to the film being taken out of the "poison cabinet" and shown to the public.

Now the city of Bruchsal has had the complete film material digitally revised in 2017, so that some of the people involved are recognizable and identifiable, especially the representatives of the NSDAP and sub-organizations.