Die Deportation nach Gurs

Filmaufnahmen aus Bruchsal vom 22. Oktober 1940

Still photos from the film sequence "Bruchsal free of Jews"

The person making the film probably didn't publish all the footage. It has the impression that this person has combined five film sequences of different lengths into one film strip. The first film strip lasts about six seconds, the second 20, the third 21, the fourth eight and the fifth and last also about eight seconds.

The filmmaker changed the shooting position several times. The shots suggest that the cameraman gave the people on their way to the deportation train instructions to stop several times. After changing the camera position, he instructed those expelled from their homeland to go again to the deportation train.

In order to facilitate the identification of the deportees, the entire film was divided into almost 1,800 still photos for this homepage. Of these, only those are published here that show a substantial change to the previous still. Of the nearly 1,800 stills, 124 are published.

As explained elsewhere, the deportees are to be given "a name" again. Hence the request: Should a person be identified on a still image, appropriate information will be requested. For this purpose, the respective film sequence should be indicated together with the respective number of the still photo (with the mouse pointer on the photo and the number appears) as well as the name of the person in the photo (e.g. "third person from the right with suitcase and hat").

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