Die Deportation nach Gurs

Filmaufnahmen aus Bruchsal vom 22. Oktober 1940

Eyewitness reports in archive of the University of Southern California

The University of Southern California made interviews with survivors of the Shoah and the Gurs deportation. Here we want to link the interviews which are directly related to the deportation from the district of Bruchsal (Bruchsal, Gondelsheim, Heidelsheim, Langenbrücken, Mingolsheim, Odenheim, Östringen, Philippsburg and Untergrombach).

Interview with Edith Leuchter, née Löb. The interview was conducted in English in September 1995. To watch the video you need to register at the University of Southern California and login.


Interview with Ludwig Buxbaum from Bruchsal, the son of Berta and Josef Buxbaum, who were deported to Gurs and died in the Shoah. The interview was conducted in English.


Laure Kolb, née Hannelore Wildmann, reports here in English in June 1997 about the deportation of her family from Philippsburg via Bruchsal to Gurs and the further suffering of the family.